Monday, February 11, 2008

Thing #3

Using RSS is a good way to receive content since it is "pushed" to you. It is a wonderful way to save time since you need not check websites for new content.

I added some public health RSS feeds (CDC, APHA) and a few other general library resources (Tame the Web, etc.)

Thing #2

I find that Library 2.0 is exciting for several reasons.

  1. Library 2.0 allows us in libraries to immerse ourselves in various new technologies and become aware of the importance of serving niche user markets. What may be a niche market right now may become the mainstream market later. Being familiar and becoming more proficient with these technologies will allow us to make that transition more smoothly and easily. Stephan Abram's comment about unintended consequences is right on the mark.
  2. Library 2.0 opens up the ability to create content in new and innovative ways. Moving to a multi-media arena instead of just being print-centric leads to the nurturing of the creative impulse in new packages.
  3. Library 2.0 allows real collaboration between a library and users to occur if we are willing to take some risks. I found that this collaborative enterprise to be the key in ensuring that libraries continue to provide data, information, and works of wisdom to users in the various ways that most resonate and bring meaning to users.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thing #1

It was rather simple and straightforward to set up the blog account at Blogger. That's good! I guessed correctly that I would need to adjust the type color to white given the background color of my blog.
I found it a little more challenging to add the avatar from Yahoo given that I didn't quite find the mustache and goatee for my face. So many choices are provided.